J. Camilo Segura, D.M.D

Boston, MA

I have been working with Diamond Dental Lab for over 15 years. Both the quality and the aesthetics of the work have been outstanding. My patients are always thrilled when they see the final restorations in their mouths, whether it is a single crown, a veneer or a full mouth reconstruction.

Charlie is a detail-oriented professional, who goes above and beyond to ensure the best quality result possible. In an industry with so many products and techniques available, Charlie is constantly continuing his education so that he can be on the cutting edge.

I am truly grateful for his hard work and dedication, as he has played a key role in the success of my practice.

Dr. Harry Strating

Boston, MA

I have known and worked with Charlie for over fifteen years. He is an excellent Dental Technician, surpassed only by his reliability and his willingness to accommodate special cases or patients with diffucult shades of their teeth.

Charlie is on the cutting edge of technologiy, but still prepared to spend time and money to learn more by attending courses and seminars.

Too many accolades would be superfluous. Suffice to say he is much younger than I am and fortunately I will retire before he does. I do not want to work without him.

Dr. Jonathan Bamel

Boston, MA

I have had the pleasure of working with Charlie for close to twenty years. We began our partnership when Dr. Cary Feuerman passed along Charlie's name to me to fabricate some custom abutments and Implant supported crowns for a common patient of ours.

I was so pleased with his custom abutments that I chose then to fabricate only custom abutments for all Implant restorations. I believe that Charlie has fabricated over 1000 to date for me.

I greatly appreciate Charlie's passion for changing technology as he has moved from using only gold to utilizing titanium and zirconia where indicated to give me better options esthetically and financially.

Charlie has always done a beautiful job with porcelain but as of late, with his use of LAVA, he has taken his esthetic abilities to an even higher level. I' hope to continue our relationship for many years to come.

Gerald A. Bloom, DDS

Holliston, MA

I have known and worked with Charlie, owner of Diamond Dental Laboratory, for over 12 years. I have always been impressed with his integrity as well as the quality of his work. Through his attention to detail along with his artistic ability, he has provided me with beautifully crafted esthetic as well as functional restorations for my patients.

He is always seeking self-improvement by continually taking advanced dental courses in order to further hone his knowledge and skills, and he is very committed to his field. Furthermore, he always makes himself readily available by phone to answer any questions whether from his network of dentist clients, from new prospective dentists, or even from patients who may wish to seek information on any prosthetic procedures that they may be currently undergoing or contemplating in the near future.

Cary Feuerman, DMD

Boston, MA

We have worked with Charlie and Diamond Dental Laboratory for the past two decades. During this time, we have been consistently impressed by the dedication to providing superior laboratory work for our patients. The knowledge, craftsmanship, and commitment to excellence are among the finest we have seen. These attributes serve to benefit our patients immensely and ultimately improve the quality of their lives with enhanced dental function and beauty – a core treatment goal. We highly recommend the Diamond Dental Laboratory for any restorative treatment.

Dr. Federico Castellucci

Boston, MA

Charlie is a knowledgeable and dedicated technician who has built his excellent reputation in our industry through hard work and his willingness to do whatever it takes to get a case completed correctly.

Charlie is always prepared to learn and improve. What makes him stand out for me is that over the years he has used most of his free time to educate himself by listening, watching and learning from many of the best clinicians and technicians in our industry. He attends many clinical and laboratory lectures and study clubs.

He is always available to see and work with me and my patients in the operatory. He has a pleasant, positive attitude and has proved that he is willing to work hard to achieve the best result for the patient"

Patient, Amna C.

Everett, MA

I have had a lot of problems with my teeth over the years and when I broke my front tooth last year I was devastated. After seeing a few specialists, I had a bone graft done and was told that I would need to do 4 crowns on my front teeth. That is when I sought out Diamond Dental's assistance with this sensitive and extensive work.

Given that my front teeth have gotten yellowish over the years it was not easy to match shade of the crowns, but Charlie Cajdric took his time and after a thorough matching process chose just the right shade for me. We then looked at some of my old photos in order to match the shape and length of my front teeth as I was - understandably - quite particular about what I wanted. I was quite concerned and insisted that I did not want my teeth to be 'visible from afar' - I simply wanted them to look natural.

I spent several hours at "Diamond Dental Lab," observing the process of making porcelain crowns, seeing how they added a touch of different color powders to create the matching shade and to make my amazing 'artistic' teeth. When my dentist was done and I was handed a mirror, it was almost like a dream - I could not believe how natural my smile looked with my brand new 4 crowns!

Patient, Maria S.

Boston, MA

I had my front tooth done several years ago by a different lab and was never really happy with the outcome. I was told it was a difficult shade and the crown I received was the closest match to my natural tooth. Needless to say I was always self -conscious about smiling. My new dentist sent me to Diamond Dental to see Charlie for shade matching. I was in his office for several hours while he made my crown and it was interesting to see how my crown was made, just for me. I was amazed with the intricacy of entire process and his artistic ability to build my crown just with brush and bunch of powders. At the end I was very happy with my new crown.

I am so thankful for the smile that my Dentist and Charlie at Diamond Dental Lab gave to me.

Patient, Joan C.

Concord, MA

“I went to Diamond Lab on two separate occasions for three custom crowns. It was easy and the results are wonderful. The lab is conveniently located close to the highway and was easy to find. The lab is modern and meticulously clean. The entire process did not take long and was very interesting to watch. Charlie is a true artist. It wasn't like going to the dentist; Charlie just looked at my teeth in different light and from different angles--quick and easy. I love my new custom crowns -- the whole process was definitely worth it. I recommend Diamond Lab to everyone who is looking for outstanding dental work."


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