PFM (Porcelain fused to metal)

This is a type of restoration that has been used in dentistry for many years. The substructure is made of gold alloy and porcelain is applied on top of it. We at Diamond Dental Laboratory still provide PFM as a product and use only the high noble alloys (high gold content). Usually, dentists (often with our advice on choice of materials) make a decision with the patient to use PFM as a type of restoration due to its longevity and predictability.

In addition, multi-unit bridges are very often done as PFM because of its strength. When done properly and with utmost care for details PFM can be highly aesthetic as well as functional in Oral environment. play demo


All Ceramic Crowns

As the name suggests these types of restorations do contain any alloy (gold) and are primarily made out of glass or Zirconia. Many Dental Laboratories have a vast array of all ceramic restorations and materials that dentists and patients can choose from. We at Diamond Dental Laboratory, due to our focus on quality, not quantity, mainly use two companies for providing all ceramic restorations. 3M ESPE and Ivoclar Vivadent are the most recognizable and respected in the business and we are very proud to use their products.

IPS-Emax from Ivoclar Vivadent and Lava- Zirconia from 3M ESPE are both all ceramic types of restorations that we provide. Attention to detail is extremely crucial when creating this type of restoration.


Full Gold Crown

Full Gold Crowns are a very conservative type of dental restorations. Very often they are used in the back of the mouth and can be made of white or yellow gold.

Again, we at Diamond Dental Laboratory use only high noble alloy (high gold content). FGC (Full Gold Crown) are primarily functional types of restorations and are very predictable. Longevity, predictability and simplicity are some of the reasons these restorations are still around. We at Diamond Dental Laboratory do quite a few of these and even with the price of gold going up we do not see any sign of that changing any time soon. Patients choose yellow gold alloy very often to replace silver fillings and our dentists choose FGC to preserve tooth structure in the back of the mouth.

FGC do not require as aggressive a preparation of the natural tooth as PFM and all ceramic crowns often do.


Implant Restoration

Diamond Dental Laboratory is known in The New England area as a dental laboratory that specializes in creating restorations that are supported by implants. Implants are used to replace lost teeth and initial placement is done by Periodontists or Oral Surgeon with special training upon referral from a dentist. After a healing period dentists and dental technicians take over and create Implant supported restorations. This process is very complex from a technical perspective. Too many of these restorations are done without utilizing the expertise of the entire dental team from the start to completion (Periodontists, Restorative dentist & Dental Technician) and sometimes the results are not in favor of the patient. Material, technology and techniques that are available to the entire team are so advanced today that with proper care and work etiquette, results are very predictable and highly esthetic and functional.

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