February 2013
Introducing CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) to complement our CAD (Computer Aided Design)

Again this year we will attend Chicago Lab Day. Jensen Dental is becoming our partner in bringing CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) process to our lab.

This year’s Educational Day will also help us in our everyday quest to educate ourselves and to learn new techniques for achieving life-like anterior aesthetics which is the ultimate goal of a quality oriented laboratory like Diamond Dental.

Secrets from over 20 of the world’s best technicians and presenters will be on display for us and we are privileged to be part of this event.

December 2012
Comprehensive Implant Prosthetics Restoration
- Periodontal Associates Study Club-

As a part of study group we attended a lecture presented by Dr. Stanislava Misci.

This was a very informative presentation by Dr. Misci and it covered implant-supported restorations in the anterior region as well as full arch-supprorted fixed restoratios as a part of full mouth rehabilitation.

Guided Surgery, clinical and laboratory techniques were presented along with CAD/CAM custom abutment fabrication.

February 2012
3M ESPE Lava Scan ST

We are attending Lab Day at Chicago this month. We are especially excited to attend Jensen Education Day featuring speakers and technicians from around the world. Diamond Dental is pleased to announce acquisition of dental scanner from 3M ESPE through Jensen Dental. This will bring technology directly to us keeping us up to date with rest of the industry and helping us to keep our promise to bring the best and latest technologies to our patients and partners.


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