Custom Shade:

1 hour appointment

A meeting with the patient takes place at Diamond Dental Laboratory or the patient’s doctor’s office to personally record the exact shade for the restoration that we are making. Special shade tabs and charts are used as aids as well as high quality photography.

Custom Stain:

1 hour appointment

If the final restoration, after being made, requires minimal adjustments we will meet with the patient at Diamond Dental Laboratory or the patient’s Dentist’s office. During the appointment the proper corrections will be made using a stain pallet and our portable furnace.

Custom Build-up:

2-3 hour appointment

A Custom Build-up is reserved for the patient that require one on one time to determine which porcelain colors are to be used to best match the natural color of the teeth adjacent to those we are creating. We make Custom Shade tabs that we then use to create the restoration for our patient. All of this is done at Diamond Dental Laboratory while the patient is present so we are able to check the accuracy of the porcelain selection we are to use.

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