Creation Processes


Full Uper Reconstruction

This case was presented to me by one of our partners, Dr. Strating in late 2007. We needed to reconstruct the full upper dentition due to a number of broken down teeth. We also wanted to use all ceramic crowns in front and PFM crowns in the posterior section, therefore achieving both maximum aesthetics and strength for proper function. Following the images from left to right we can see how a large and complex case, such as this one, is fabricated in our laboratory.

The results were very good and the patient was extremely satisfied. Attention to detail and extensive knowledge of materials was very important for the completion of this case. The impeccable impressions from Dr. Strating were a crucial starting component that enabled us to complete the process of fabrication and finally seating and bonding/cementing these crowns, problem free.


Smile makeover with veneers / laminates

This case was presented to us by Dr. Segura, one of our partners. The patient wanted to improve his smile and we, as a team, wanted to preserve as much of the natural tooth structure as possible while restoring his smile. This case called for non-invasive tooth preparation, on the part of the dentist. Dr. Segura has done a great job preparing teeth and taking fantastic impression which made our job at Diamond Dental so much easier.

Model work was done and using IPS E-Max as a material choice rest of the case was completed here at Diamond Dental Lab. These images show natural looking veneers which essentially are very small pieces of glass that are later bonded to remaining tooth structure. We as a team were happy with results and patient was able to show off a brand new smile.

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